How to choose Cuban Link Chain?

January 13, 2019

Tips to take care of when buying Cuban Link Chains

The Cuban link chains are becoming a favorite among women and men. They are alternatively known as the Miami Cuban link chains, and it makes one of the special types of accessories. The Cuban link necklaces are notable known for its unique design, thickness, and strength.
The Cuban link chains or, the hip hop jewelry are primarily a favorite amongst men. The heavy weight and masculine appearance of the iced out chains is famous amongst hip hop artists and hip hop fans but, the jewelry can be worn by anyone who adores accessorizing themselves.
While the trend of wearing the Cuban link chains never go out of style—there are few things that one should take into their consideration. For instance, let’s have a look at the commons tips and informative knowledge that one should follow when buying gold chains...

Purity of the gold:

Most Cuban link necklaces are manufactured using gold; however, one should be familiar with the degree of gold purity used for manufacturing jewelries. Pure gold is more likely to be soft and pliable in its natural state, and it could be molded easily.
While pure gold or, gold in its natural state is susceptible to any damage or dent—the manufacturers tend to combine the gold with other variants of steel for creating alloy, which is further utilized for making Cuban link jewelry. A manufacturer would use nickel, copper, palladium or, silver for strengthening the steel. In other conditions, the alloys are often used for transforming the color of gold, and it is further converted into rose gold or white color. Not many manufacturers of Cuban link jewelry prefer using necklaces or rings using pure gold, as it would not hold a certain shape or structure.
Karat Type
The manufacturers of Cuban link chain are more likely to utilize conventional gold material to add value to the jewelry pieces. It should help them determining the price and cost of the jewelry in the long run. A karat makes at least one part of the gold. As an outcome, the pure gold comprises of 24 components in a portion of 24 karats gold.
Regardless of how the karat type branches out—a buyer should be adamant on knowing the karat type in order to make a suitable and valuable purchase.
What Size are you looking for?
When buying Cuban link necklaces, you will come across a number of sizes and weight, which allows you to determine the size which would meet your preferences. If you are shopping for authentic Cuban chain necklaces online then, you should carefully read the product description of the product of your choice before checking out with your purchase.

Selecting the Link Type

You will find a number of link types on the market; however, you should be aware when selecting the link type when shopping for your Cuban link chain. The traditional Cuban link necklaces are larger in size, and they are considerably prominent in terms of their appearance. They are also infused with pure gold or pure diamond in comparison to the contemporary Cuban links, which are manufactured using a mixture of gold and alloy material.
Maintenance of the Cuban link chain:
Gold Chain & Cuban Link is known for their attractive appeal; however, one should always preserve their jewelry pieces in a secure space. You should wrap them up in a wrapper for preserving them. Alternatively, you should consider polishing your jewelry pieces once or twice a year for maintaining its charm and sparkle.