1 Row Tennis Bracelet Purple


1 Row Tennis Bracelet Purple
Color: Purple
Length: 8.0 Inches Approx.    
 Width: 4 MM Inches Approx.        
Weight: 14.2 Grams Approx.

Purple is the color of royalty. And you will absolutely look opulent with this fashionable bracelet around your wrist. It is a tennis bracelet that features purple stones that are embedded in it. And these crystals are perfectly placed to catch the light and ensure that they sparkle on your wrist. It is an iconic piece of urban jewelry that every woman should have in their collection with its gorgeous colors and elegant style. Its urban fashion is very trendy right now, so you need to cash in on the trend and get this amazingly beautiful tennis bracelet with purple crystals right now.

It has got a length of 8 inches so it will fit just about any wrist. And it will look elegantly stylish when being worn at the same time as well. This is because it is only 4mm wide which means that it looks amazingly thin. Other people will hardly believe the gorgeous piece of jewelry that you are wearing on your wrist is so cheap since it looks so deceptively expensive with its elegant design. It truly is gorgeous with is purple stones that are wrapped by a white gold and silver bracelet. It is very distinctive and will look unique with no one else wearing this gorgeous purple bracelet. You also do not have to worry about this emblematic piece disappointing you anytime soon as well. This is because it is very durable made out of only the best quality materials. Even at this very affordable price, it is made with quality and good design, so you will never have to worry about it snapping off of your wrist unlike other cheaper tennis bracelets being sold out there. When you want to have a beautiful purple tennis bracelet, this is one of our bestsellers and will look gorgeous dangling around your wrist.

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Type: Unknown Type

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