1 Row Tennis Bracelet Yellow


1 Row Tennis Bracelet Yellow

Color: Yellow
Length: 8.0 Inches Approx.    
 Width: 4 MM Inches Approx.        
Weight: 13.9 Grams Approx.

Check out this stunning gold bracelet studded with gorgeous yellow crystals. It is a very eye-catching design that is both iconic and understated. Yet despite being so elegant and simple, it will still turn heads. And while being sold at a very affordable price you are getting a great quality bracelet that is still offering a design that is both trendy and timeless.
This is a yellow tennis bracelet that will add a pop of color to any outfit or style that you are currently wearing. With urban wear all of the rages right now, this is definitely the kind of bracelet that you want to be wearing if you want to wear what is in chic. It is a design that will look great on just about anyone so you will never have to feel like it is out of place on your wrist. The yellow crystals are very bright and they dazzle the eye so when you wear it, it will be the focus of your jewelry piece. This makes it a must-have for any jewelry collector for their accessories.

Speaking of accessories, this yellow tennis bracelet is very durable so it won't break or fall apart, it will last you for years. The yellow gold bracelet is made with and designed with only the finest materials that are available so you will definitely be getting more than your money's worth with the price that you are paying for this stunningly designed gold piece.
With its 8 inch length, it will fit your wrist perfectly. Or if it is not for you, why not give it as a gift. It will be perfect as a present since it is very fashionable and everyone that receives it will be happy to since it is very stylish and looks awesome at the same time.

Collections: Bracelets

Type: Unknown Type

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