Iced Tennis Necklace Pink 1 Row 5mm


18" Iced Out Tennis Necklace Pink 1 Row 4mm

Width: 5 MM
Special Stone: Pink Lab Diamond

There are chains and or jewelry that has a very masculine features; most often than not, men are the only avid consumer with such design. Gladly, there is a new chain that has a taste of femininity without necessarily omitting the masculinity of the jewel.  As we all know, chains are made out from precious metals such as bronze, silver, gold, steel and etc., mainly because these kinds of metals don’t easily react with shape and intricate and it can produce a high quality of jewels at the end of the process. As you can see, the  iced tennis necklace pink 1 row 5MM has a touch femininity where it can be concluded in just a single glance however the masculinity of the chain remains because of the chain’s texture and style. If the women will use this 18” iced tennis necklace pink 1 row 5MM, it will give an extra sweet and feminine image in their appearance while men will look cool and awesome simply because of the chain’s unique color.

The chain has a tennis link of a 1 whole necklace, it is being simulated with pink diamonds and the glitter is even more stunning.  Undeniably, the iced tennis necklace pink 1 row 5MM has the capability of making you feel like a very sweet yet strong individual when you wear the iced tennis necklace with you. Without a doubt, this iced tennis necklace can give you the satisfaction and sophistication that you need in a chain or jewel; and there is no way that the iced tennis necklace pink 1 row 4MM will not be added in your jewelry collection. True enough, the chain is a good investment and addition in your jewelry box.

Collections: Chains, Iced Chains, Tennis Chains

Type: Unknown Type

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