Diamond Prong Cuban Link Choker in Gold (14mm)


Diamond Prong Cuban Link Choker in Gold (14mm)

Although an ever-trendy jewellery item, the Gild Cuban chain has always managed to stay on top as the most preferred stylish jewellery. The fact that it is a timeless design and the endless macho appeal it poses make it an easy choice to start experimenting with accessories. What makes them even more special is that they cost quite a buck and the most authentic of the variety is never cheap. Cuban link chains form the substratum of Hip-Hop culture alongside the regular rope and franc varieties. However, a 14mm prong Cuban link chain has its own set of appeal and allure that makes it must-have jewellery that forms an essential part of your ensemble. 

The rising popularity of jewellery for men

Fashion jewellery has taken over the world by storm where that line between women and men’s jewellery is fast blurring. Nonetheless, some of the trending unisex jewellery like the 14mm prong Cuban link redefines elegance and charm in a dynamic way uplifting the look of any outfit many times more. 

In a typical Gold Cuban or silver Cuban link chain, a thick and strong link with a flattened face are interlinked with many such links. 14mm prong Cuban link chain is one of the most commonly preferred thickness while the length of the chain may vary to suit the versatile needs of individuals. Gold Cuban chokers are the next upgrade of the typical gold Cuban jewellery that is adorned by famous Hollywood personalities and even rock stars as the gold of various karats are the preferred metal used to craft this masterpiece. 

The distinctively lined diamonds that encrust the 14mm prong Cuban makes it suitable for not only parties but also for matching the leather jewellery for a well-blended macho look. As gold Cuban link chains are a testament of the Hip-Hop culture that rose to popularity during the 1970s and 1980s, they are considered to be vintage as these depict the onset of the pop culture dominated by the genre that influenced fashion not just with clothing but also with heavy accessories like the gold Cuban

Own the testament of style

Owning a Cuban link necklace is a given when you are a keen follower of fashion, but claiming the 14mm prong Cuban link choker is going that extra mile perfecting your cool casual wardrobe collection. The diamonds adorning this stylish piece exude a subtle sparkle that is not too bright or under-toned. It further makes it ideal for wearing during the day and also during the night. If you are looking to keep the accessories minimum, this choker will do the job for you. It also makes for an ideal gift as it is the apt definition of Hip-Hop accentuated with just the right kind of bling. While the pure gold variety is quite expensive, the 14mm prong Cuban link choker is affordable to include in your closet. 

The piece is crafted using the finest material and the best quality of diamonds to give you a heavy and strong choker that is both timeless and dynamic to go with all kinds of casuals. Tuck it under your tee or dress shirt, or simply layer it over your casuals, you will rock any kind of look with this vintage Hip-Hop Cuban link chain. 

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