G-Shock Diamond Watch

With the rise of blinged out custom watches such as iced g shock watches, you wouldn't think that it has been around for a while. But it's been 30 years since Casio put on sale its first G-Shock watch. They have been dozens of models, hundreds rather, that have gone through the wrists of many during these 30 years. They have been 30 years of G-Shock but they are still going. There are all sorts of G-shock watches right now. You can purchase custom diamond g shock watch. Casio is not one of these watch companies that create a movement, a technology and leave it there. Casio is avant-garde and improves day by day, year by year. It is something undoubtedly spectacular what the Japanese factory can come to investigate creating and putting on their watches. Ever since then, however, there are celebrities who try out their own style with custom g shock watches. G-Shock was conceived as a series of watches that had a spectacular resistance to almost everything impossible for a watch. In addition, today, Casio watches have numerous technologies such as solar movement, adjustment of handles by radiofrequency and sensors of all kinds for measuring environmental variables. Many people even choose to purchase iced g shock watches that show off their bling.
A lot of people do not know how their G shock watch works, and we'll explain it here. We are not going to extend too much but basically, the most sensitive parts of the clock are almost suspended. It only holds a few clamping points that allow cushioning against impacts etc. This is the main formula of a G-Shock, but it also has additional protections. Damping elements in the most delicate parts protect and add reliability to the watch as a whole. The outer buttons are always protected by the outer shell, making a strong impact on the ground, not fall on a button. That's why the outer covers of the G-Shock can seem bulky. It is normal, its sole purpose is to protect each component of the watch to the maximum. If you get a custom g shock, then it will still have all of these features. All these measures adopted and many others that we surely do not know, allow resistance to unimaginable conditions such as:
Resistance to gravitational force up to 15 G. We remember that these specifications are met by the black boxes of aircraft.

Resistance to low temperatures. The G-Shock will work even if the temperatures are below zero.
Resistance to vibrations. Do extreme field sports, for example, produce fatal vibrations for many clocks and their internal parts. In Casio, they have also thought about it with their G-Shock.
Impact resistance with a hammer. We know that when you buy your G-Shock, the first thing you're going to do is not hit it with a hammer but that you know that you can hold it and to prove it we're not going to make you risk your own G-Shock. That's what the demonstration videos are for.