Emoji Purple Drank


Emoji Purple Drank

Bringing in our Emoji Purple Drank pendant string that is perfectly made out of glittery diamonds with thin lining of gold attachments that made the item elegant and unique; this purple drank necklace is different from other necklaces because of its chain, it has been surrounded with diamonds and gold linings, and guaranteed to be with high quality brogue and style that is enough for you to wear it daily. Indeed, our Emoji Purple Drank necklace is your newest fashion statement that can make your fashion and standing be known to your society, and influence your style.

We authentically make the Emoji Purple Drank necklace to be different from any other designs to make our brand and item to be more genuine as compared to others; we purposely made the string to be surrounded with diamonds to make the chain more appealing, stylish and satisfying. 

In addition, the emoji drank pendant is guaranteed with full range of diamonds all over its face and purple diamonds on its cup. Through this, the necklace has established its own branding and standing to be outstanding.  Also, it has a length of 1.9 inches, width of 1.5 inches, and 15.1 grams of weight; and it comes with bonus Brass Tennis Chain Dimensions of 3MM, 24 inches and 25.4 grams. Undeniably, this Emoji Purple Drank necklace has the capacity to make your fashion be more elegant, alluring and satisfying as compared to others where the quality is on doubt. True enough; the necklace’s quality has been tested to be durable without fading its color. If you are looking for an Emoji Purple Drank necklace then this item will truly satisfy your desires. Indeed, the item can make your fashion statement be different from others without necessarily risking its quality and it can only give you the true sense of diamond satisfaction.

Color: Gold
Length: 1.9 Inches      Width: 1.5 Inches         Weight: 15.1 Grams Approx.
Comes with bonus:
Brass Tennis Chain Dimensions: 3 MM, 24 Inches, 25.4 Grams Approx.

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Type: Unknown Type

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