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Curious to know how hip hop grillz became popular? They have become mainstream, thanks to artists sporting them as teeth accessories. We saw how Kenya West, Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner and Madonna wore them. While it seems that molded grillz only became popular recently, history says otherwise. Grillz have already been used by some people several thousands of years ago. According to researchers, they could have been around as far back as 2,500 BC. A man with two gold teeth in Giza was unearthed by 20th century archaeologists.

The Etruscan women, as a status symbol, wore grillz. The same is also true for the Mayans. While the man from Giza wore gold, the Mayans on the other hand preferred jade. They inserted these directly into their teeth. This was done until the 1500’s. In Asia, Filipinos also wore grills as early as 1500 AD. The grillz trend also became popular in Tajikistan during the late 90’s, but soon declined when there was a price hike in gold costs as well as the prevalence of Western influence.

Cheap Teeth Grills

In Uzbekistan, the grillz trend is still so much alive, you can see a lot of people with their bright golden shining smiles. Taking a look back at the origin of the gold teeth, they were used as a status symbol for power and wealth. Today, they are still pretty much used the same way for the rappers and hip hop artists. However, they are also now used by people from other walks of life. While the status symbol is still there for the gold kinds, they are also being used nowadays as a style and fashion statement accessories, thanks to the many available cheap mouth grills online.

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