Sprite Bottle Purple Drank Pendant


Sprite Bottle Purple Drank Pendant

Generally, you can see this item being worn by known artist, rappers and musician during their performances simply because of its unique fashion sense and design. If you are fond with cola and beverages then might as well put them as one of your most favorite jewelry to be worn every day; in this way, you can enjoy your day without putting away your loved items. The Sprite Bottle Purple Drank Pendant has diamond string with gold linings that made the necklace more alluring and elegant; technically, the pendant has three items; two bottles and one cup; the bottles are being filled with diamonds, one is with authentic design of diamond and the other one has a cola design of green diamonds and the cup is being filled with purple set of diamonds. Through this, the item can give you an awesome feeling of satisfaction and guts. In addition, the Sprite Bottle Purple Drank Pendant has the fashion that no other jewel can provide; the purple drank necklace has the same impact of your most loved habit; and the purple necklace has the ability of giving a higher degree of satisfaction.

In furtherance, the Sprite Bottle Purple Drank Chain has a primary gold color with a width of1.9 inches, length of 2.3 inches and width of an approximately 28.4 grams; it is made out of Brass-Tennis Chain with a dimension     of 3mm, 24-inches and 25.4 grams. It’s Stainless-Steel Franco has a dimension of 2mm, 24-inches and 8.2 grams. True enough, the Sprite Bottle Purple Drank Pendant has the ability to fulfill your jewel desire and satisfaction. Indeed, it can help you shape with your fashion statement with risking its quality, it can truly make the item different from others; and can give you a higher level of elegance. Hence, the Sprite Bottle Purple Drank necklace is your new fashion companion.

Color: Gold
Length: 2.3 Inches      Width: 1.9 Inches         Weight: 28.4 Grams Approx.
Brass Tennis Chain Dimensions: 3 MM, 24 Inches, 25.4 Grams Approx.
Stainless Steel Franco Chain Dimensions: 2 MM, 24 Inches, 8.2 Grams Approx.

Collections: BESTSELLERS, IceBlingers Special, Pendants

Type: Unknown Type

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