Vegeta Pendant


Vegeta Pendant

Most popular Vegeta Chain Necklace for sale!

The Vegeta collection of chain and pendant is the latest entry by IceBlingers to update the looks of the individual. This product primarily falls under the category of iced vegeta that define the purity of the soul and hence stands apart from the rest of the collection. The primary colour and lustre of the same denote the elegance added on to the wearer and therefore can go perfectly with any outfit. Thus, the article further describes in detail on the vegeta pendant.

The technicalities

The Vegeta Pendant is one of the chief products of this category for the customers. Also called as the vegeta necklace, it is broadly categorised into two types that are named as box and tennis chains. The costs for the same are respectively USD 99 and 129. With the material choice for the buyers to be either brass or stainless steel, the approximate weights of each are 25.4 gm and 8.2 gm respectively and hence add more to the light weight of the structure. The primary golden colour of the pendant has also given it the name of gold vegeta pendant.

The reasons for the choice

Adding more value to the gold chain and pendant and improvising it from the health point of view, it is highly recommended for the customers to try for the diamond vegeta variation of the category that uses the good quality and cheaply priced diamonds studded in the actual jewellery piece. Barring the overall strength features of the structure, the availability of the vegeta chain is also catalysed by the number of online payment gateways that have been associated with the website for easy buying by the customers. Hence, all of these reasons together sum up on the fact that the product is indeed worth for a try and can be used as the ideal decorative piece on any of the outfits.

Currently only silver hair available!

Color: Gold
Length: 1.8 Inches      Width: 1.5 Inches         Weight: 16.6 Grams Approx.
Brass Tennis Chain Dimensions: 3 MM, 24 Inches, 25.4 Grams Approx.
Stainless Steel Franco Chain Dimensions: 2 MM, 24 Inches, 8.2 Grams Approx.

Collections: BESTSELLERS, IceBlingers Special, Pendants

Type: Unknown Type

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