Iced Hermes Link Chain


Iced Hermes Link Chain

Wanting to sport hip hop fashion? Then you will need to have the right accessories. Have you seen how the likes of Drake and other rappers dress up? They have caps, the right jeans, and the shoes that say that they are the real hip hop artists. Plus, they also have the right jewelry. Drake for example dropped more than a hundred thousand for one of his Hermes link. Now, you might be saying that that’s just a price tag that you simply cannot afford. Don’t worry. That is what this business is all about - to bring you similar items that are priced just right. Check out this Hermes link chain that you see on this page. Does it not look like a real deal? Diamond necklaces could easily deplete your savings. Doing that might make you look expensive, but will not help your finances.


Why buy real diamonds when there are now iced jewelry pendants and chains that look good without breaking the bank? See the Hermes link necklace here? It’s similar to what Drake ordered. But instead of real diamonds, these are made with glass. It’s the perfect accessory you will need if you want to look expensive in your hip hop outfit. Why use necklace as an accessory? It’s a great way to express yourself. Some people on the other hand use accessories such as necklaces as a status symbol. Use it alone or pair it with a pendant, it will give you varied choices when it comes to changing your fashion statement. If you like to dress it simple, then the chain with the right outfit will be all you need. If you need to dress it up a little further, we also carry different pendants that will pair really well with your Hermes link chain. This chain necklace comes in different lengths - 18”, 20”, 22” and 24”. You can buy it either gold or silver kinds. If you are not sure how long these are, the 18” is at the base of the neck. The 20” is at the collarbone for most men. The 22” is a few inches below the collarbone and this is perfect for medallion pendant pieces. While the 24” is above the breastbone. Basically, the rule of thumb is choosing the one that completes the look of your other wardrobe pieces.


And where should you be buying your Hermes link chain? If you need a reliable supplier, then look for the Ice Blingers brand. IceBlingers is committed to bringing quality and unique pieces to their customers. All of the products are guaranteed durable. These are made of gold, silver or rhodium plated brass or stainless steel. But that is not what makes them really stand out in the market. They want you to have access to great products that cannot just be found anywhere. They have a vast collection of different types of iced jewelry.

Weight: 52.3 grams - 72.8 grams approx (varies with length) 

Collections: Chains, Iced Chains

Type: Unknown Type

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