Iced Watches

Have you seen our collection of iced watches yet? Watch out! What do you think of them so far? Ice Blingers provide gold iced diamond watches, catering to urban street style. If you purchase an iced watch from us, we guarantee that you’ll be entitled to our refund policy at an allowable time. Our collection are scratch resistant, thanks to the durable silver or gold plating. Whether you are wearing a tuxedo or a pair of jeans, you will surely stand out from the crowd with our iced watches. Why buy yourself a pair now? Gone are the days when watches were just made for telling what time of the day it is. While it is practical for telling that and all, there is more to wearing a watch that checking if you are already late for work, a date, or a meeting. Did you know that wearing a watch has so many benefits?

For the vast majority of people out there, they wear a watch as a form of accessory. Women have a wide choice of accessories to wear on different occasions such as rings, handbags, and bracelets to name a few. In comparison, the male population are limited to several choices. But one thing is for sure - they can always pull it off with a watch at hand. For street wear, how about the hip hop watches you see on our store? Back in the days, watches were simple, but today, thanks to innovation, one can wear a mens iced watch like the ones we carry online. While one can look at the time using a smartphone, it takes a lot of effort to get it inside your bag or your pocket. There is also the issue of some screens not being readable under direct sunlight. In comparison, an iced watch may look shiny but it won’t hurt your eyes trying to squint reading the time compared to a smartphone. Not to mention, there are certain occasions where it is rude to take out your phone such as in a meeting and a watch makes more sense instead if you need to check the time. Hip Hop Watches is an easy way to state your personal sense of style.
For example, our mens iced bling watches are perfect for urban or formal wear. It’s what you would see rappers wear on television. For those who are going to work on the other hand, they would usually go for no-fuss leather watches. Watches are also considered very reliable. It takes several months before they run out of battery. Smartphones in comparison are easily drained of power - you need to charge them every day with normal use. If you are looking for ice watches, check out our collection. We have a simple iced watch in gold and silver finish. Go for the one that suits your style. We only picked the ones that were made with high quality material. Because we know that when you need to tell what time it is, your watch should be reliable enough to tell you what it is at any time of the day.