Jesus Pieces

Jesus piece is an embodiment of the modern hip hop culture, religion, and history. We now see rappers and hip hop artists donning their Jesus piece gold chains during their red carpet, music videos and various popular music awards. Apart from crucifix, the next best popular thing worn by some of the celebrated artists would be Jesus pieces, flaunted by the likes of Jay-Z, Biggie, and Kanye West. Even athlete’s celebrities such Lebron James have been spotted wearing one.

How did iced out Jesus pieces and other mini Jesus pieces take center stage? Tracing back, it seems that Kanye partnered with Jacob Arabo hip hop jeweler in 2004, where they produced a line consisting of religious designed jewelry pieces. One of the pieces they came up with was the Jesus with his flowing hair, crowned with thorns. Another one was the savior with compassionate eyes and thick beard. Kanye even mentioned this in his songs.

Soon after, Kanye began wearing Jesus pieces. Other celebrities took notice and they followed after the famous rapper. Today, Kanye and Jacob are being credited to making the Jesus jewelry very popular in the music industry, but it can be recalled that he was not the first one who wore this type of Jewelry. Some other artists were already wearing one back in the mid-1990s like Notirious B.I.G.

Other rappers who also wore the iconic image created by the New York jeweler were Lil Cease, D-Roc, Ghostface, and Prodigy. However, it is noteworthy to mention that most of the molds being used today were based from the Kanye and Jacob Jesus image. The original pieces were made of gold, silver or platimum, together with dozens of diamonds on Jesus’ facial features. Not everyone was able to afford it. How about you? Do you also want to rock a Jesus piece like Kanye and the other rappers and hip hop artists out there? Now you can. But instead of the Jesus piece chain real gold, get the cheap Jesus piece available here instead. Instead of natural diamonds, stones like lab diamonds, cubic zirconia and the like have made these more affordable. We use gold, silver or rhodium plated stainless steel or brass instead of solid platinum, silver or gold to make this even more affordable. Check out our selection.

We also offer various colors such as black, pink, and yellow. With more affordable selection to choose from, you can purchase more Jesus pieces for different styles and varied occasions. Like the original ones produced by Kanye and Jacob, the pieces we have on our store are flashy and dashing. But don’t be fooled by the price. While these are very affordable, we made sure that everything you see sold at Ice Blingers are well-made. We inspect every piece that is being shipped out from our warehouse. However, since there still lies a possibility that damage results while the goods are in transit, we are offering a limited refund warranty on your purchase.