Iced Hip Hop Pendants

Do you need to update your look? Search no more. Here at Ice Blingers, we bring you a vast collection of iced pendants for you to easily do that. Whether you are looking for iced charms or pendants for men, we cater to different people with different styles. We even have Christian pieces for the pure of soul. Because we know that for a unique person like you, only an equally standout piece will do. Are you a soulful spirit who wants to keep Jesus always close to your heart? We have just the right pieces for you. Check out our polished Gold Jesus pendant iced pendant. We also have a white gold angel wing pendant, a symbol for your dear guardian angels. If white gold is not your style, we have a diamond gold angel pendant as an alternative, perfect for those who want flashy gold instead.

For those who want to express themselves in the form of emojis, why not say what you mean out loud with our emoji iced charms? The drunk emoji champagne pendant looks perfectly beautiful, a combination of white, red, and green bling stones. Our emoji with gun pendant comes in either gold or silver accents. For those who love the shade of purple, we also carry a unique purple iced devil emoji pendant. We also have an array of handpicked iced hip hop pendant for the hip-hoppers out there. Feel like a king? Then you definitely need to see our King Pendant. It could be the best fit for you. Want to rock the gang swag? Then how about wearing our Glizzy Gang Gun Pendant or our Savage Pendant, some of the ones that are included in our hip hop pendants. Wanna be dope and proudly wear your own name? We also offer custom iced hip hop pendants for the people who know who they really are and are not afraid to announce this to the rest of the world. We even got some nice pieces for the otaku fans out there. Just see what we mean by checking out our Gold Vegeta pendant or Cartoon Character Super Saiyan Pendant.

There are so many other providers out there. So why choose our pendants instead? We value our customers. Because of that, we made sure that when you buy a bling pendant from us, we guarantee that each and every single piece was carefully chosen with care. That is why you can expect that mens pendants from us are only made from the highest material. We only chose iced pendants that we would also wear ourselves. We do not sell poorly made iced pendant products. In fact, you can expect for our products to last a very long time since we only use plated 10k-18k yellow gold, .925 silver or rhodium. This is made of brass or stainless steel with gold or silver plating. We inspect items for damages before we ship them at your doorstep and we accept returns at an allowable time.