Iced Cross Pendant


Iced  Cross Pendant

White Gold Plated Cross & Gold Plated Cross Pendant

Buy the best cross pendant necklace to get amazing look.

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The iced cross pendant is a very popular product because it has the religious cross symbol in which decorated with diamond-like stones on it. If you have been looking for such a product just check out IceBlingers website.

Color options available

The stones are embedded on a metal which is plated with gold and another model with white gold. So, you can choose either a silver or a golden coloured cross with stones embedded on it. If you want the golden one search for a gold cross pendant else if you want the silver one then you can just search for the iced cross pendant.

Chain customizations

The chain is also available in silver and golden colours and you can even buy the pendant only without any chain. The chain is accordingly either white gold plated or gold plated. It is available in 3 distinct forms.

  • 20’ tennis chain
  • 22’ tennis chain
  • 24’ tennis chain

You can accordingly choose your own customized cross necklace or you are only your diamond cross but this is not made of real diamonds but it is difficult to identify that it is not real.

It is a religious item coated with fashion. Wearing a diamond cross pendant can be a really cool style statement. Instead of wearing a simple cross chain. So just carry your cross pendant as a style statement with every single outfit. This chain is really unique in terms of its design as well as longevity. The gold-plated item lasts for a long period of time and you can rely on the product if you are looking for a long-term option.

Thus, this product is one of the best options if you have been looking for a cross pendant chain and should definitely give it a try.


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