Never Broke Again Pendant


Never Broke Again Pendant

Introducing the all new Never Broke Again Pendant

There are so many individuals out there who love to buy different types of pendants. The features of the pendants attract the attention of the customers. While some designs are unique, others might have a good slogan written on it. While looking to buy some cool and exclusive pendants online, one can definitely purchase the never broke again pendant. Made with small glitters and sheer gold wash, the pendant has been on the top list of most viewed and purchased product online. It is simply because of the design of the pendant, which has a man carrying a gun in his hand with the slogan down below. The overall structure is cool and this pendant also proves the level of confidence that one can have over himself or herself.

What are the various specifications of the never broke again pendant?

The NBA pendant is perfect to be worn on a daily basis. The pendant is light and does not cause any itching on the skin. Additionally, some of the other specifications are as follows:

  • Length of the pendant- 1.5 inches
  • Width of the pendant- 1.7 inches
  • Length of the never broke again chain- 3.2 inches
  • Material- Brass chain with small glitters and gold wash.

What is the average cost of the NBA pendant?

The pendant when purchased online can be bought at a very cheap price. If certain discount coupons are available, one can easily get them to buy the pendant. However, if the chain is also to be bought separately, the cost might rise up. It is definitely a matter of the quality as well, which must be checked thoroughly. One can avail the return policy if the never broke again necklace is not likeable.


Color: Gold
Length: 1.5 Inches      Width: 1.7 Inches         Weight: 12.5 Grams Approx.
Brass Tennis Chain Dimensions: 3 MM, 24 Inches, 25.4 Grams Approx.
Stainless Steel Box Chain Dimensions: 2 MM, 24 Inches, 8.2 Grams Approx.



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Type: Unknown Type

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