Solid Gold, Gold Plated or Gold Filled? - Comparison

Solid Gold, Gold Plated, or Gold Filled?

Gold, an adornment loved by everyone. It’s the most valuable, expensive item among the Jewelry. Gold is considered to have a great heritage and unique qualities. It is found naturally and is resistant to tarnish or rust. Gold is used to make jewellery like wedding rings, bangles, bracelets etc. the purity of gold is measured using Karat with a K, whereas, the carat with a C is used to measure weight, one Carat is equal to 1/5 gram.  Gold is a yellow metal, however when other metals are added to gold the color of gold changes. When a metal such as silver or zinc is added the gold color becomes pale, when copper is added to gold it makes the gold to appear darker. The three different types of gold related jewelry which are popularly merchandised are: Solid Gold jewelry, Gold Filled Jewelry and the Gold Plated Jewelry However, all these seem to be similar, the core difference between gold vs gold plated is in the amount of gold present in the jewellery.

Differentiation between solid gold, gold plated and gold filled jewelry:


Gold, in its pure form is a soft material, prone to damage. In order to provide strength, gold is mixed with Alloys. Mixing of Alloys is one to make gold structurally strong. The purest form of gold is 24 carats gold. It is 100% gold. Carats or Karats are used to express the purity of gold. Solid gold has a great value. It does not fade or damage. The 22k gold consists of 92% gold and 8% other metals. The 14 Carats gold or 18 Carats gold is desirably used in making accessories. 17 Carats gold is composed of 58.3% gold plus 41.7% of other metals. The 18 Carats gold is composed of 75% gold plus 25% of Alloy. The solid gold jewellery can also be made using low carat gold. Mostly 7K gold is used to make beautiful accessories. Check out the gold plated vs solid gold jewelry to know more.   


Gold plated jewelry is made by depositing a thin layer of gold over the surface of another metal. This overlaying of gold is done by chemical or electrochemical method. The biggest advantage of gold plated accessories is that, they are affordable. They shine like gold because of the coating, internally they are made of a more affordable metal such as silver or copper or brass. The layer of gold is as thin as 1/1000 to 3/1000 of an inch. Mostly the base metal is copper or silver. Gold plate jewelry is a good option, because of its affordable price plus the pure gold-look. However, it also has a disadvantage of the gold layer being tarnished. This can convert the gold plated jewelry into an old metal piece.


A gold filled piece of jewelry can be a better option than a gold plated piece. This jewelry is made by a method of pressure bonding, wherein a layer of gold is deposited over the surface of another metal. A solid layer, consisting of 5% of the item’s weight is layered on sterling silver or any other metal. The layer of gold deposited in case of filled jewellery is 5 to 10 times thicker than the gold layer deposited in case of the plated jewellery. Moreover, this gold filled jewellery is more durable than the gold plated jewellery. The appearance of gold filled vs solid gold is same as the solid gold. Gold filled jewelry can be worn for a limited period up to 10 or 30 years, unlike the solid gold jewellery.


To choose what can be the best option, it’s important to consider various factors such as cost, durability, quality.  

Solid gold, despite the higher price can be a good option because of its great value and quality. Mostly 18K and 14K gold is used to make jewellery. Also 22K or 9K gold is also used. This jewellery oes not require more care and maintenance. Nonetheless, solid gold can be more costly and expensive.

Gold filled, is not as valuable as solid gold, but can still be a good option because of the long durability, but are still at a risk of losing value over a period of time. The amount of gold layer gold plated chains vs real gold is 5 to 10 times more.

The gold plated is the most affordable and fashionable jewellery. However, it is less valuable. Gold plated jewellery might also be a reason to causing allergic reactions to the skin. The gold layer can fade away easily, within a short period of time. This jewellery is at a high risk of rust, eventually losing the value of the piece. It also requires maintenance and more care, unlike the solid gold jewellery.  


Lower carat solid gold for example, 9 carat gold can be the best option to buy. This material is retaining its value over a period of time. It is more durable and requires less maintenance, unlike the gold plated jewellery. And the greatest advantage is that, lower carat soli gold jewellery can be available at a less expensive price.

So, choose your best! We recommend you gold plated & gold filled jewelry for cheap shopping. If you need solid one - you are welcome too!