1 Row Tennis Bracelet Red


1 Row Tennis Bracelet Red
Color: Red
Length: 8.0 Inches Approx.    
 Width: 4 MM Inches Approx.        
Weight: 14.5 Grams Approx.

This is bracelet tennis with rubies and white gold. Iconic is the elegance that every woman wants to wear, it is the exclusive luxury represented by a jewel considered classic, which is reborn in a contemporary key. The Icon collection is guaranteed by an industrial patent that protects its exclusive design.
It is urban jewelry that will make everyone jealous when they see it being worn on your wrist. This is because it has unparalleled elegance that is because of its slim profile. This slim bracelet will look great with anyone's wrist whether or not they are used to wearing hip hop jewelry style. It really is an iconic piece as it is worn by popular celebrities around the world. It is a piece that is very popular, and will never go out of style. So you will never be out of fashion when you sport this on your wrist.

It is surrounded by gorgeous rubies that have a red color. So if red is your favorite color, then this bracelet is perfect for you. Its 8-inch length will wrap around the wrist of any woman that chooses to wear it. And at just 4mm wide it is very thin so it is very elegant. And despite being very thin it is very durable you will never have to worry about it snapping since it is made out of high-quality material that will never lose its luster. It will always look amazing and brand new even after many wears being worn as long as it is kept clean.
Its ruby red color is very dazzling and eye-catching. It will also make the perfect gift for anyone that needs to give a classic gift to a woman. This contemporary style bracelet will never go out of style and is a classic of fashion.

Collections: Bracelets

Type: Unknown Type

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