Bitcoin Dollar Ring


Bitcoin Dollar Ring

Sterling Silver

Width: 20 MM        

Weight: Varies with sizes; 9.4 grams Approx
Stones: Cubic Zirconia

This diamond bitcoin ring is the perfect design for men. On this occasion, they do not just have one meaning, but rather aesthetic and fashionable. It is a ring that is trendy with the cryptocurrency hype. The truth is that this type of ring has conquered the male audience and are setting trends. In fact, more and more people are aiming to show off one of these solitary rings in their hands. It features a 20mm ring that has an iced out bitcoin sign at the center, making it look expensive. This bitcoin ring is truly blinged out and makes every other ring pale in comparison to it.

The bitcoin dollar ring of man presents, in general, a powerful and strong design for which it is necessary to use more precious metal than in the case of engagement rings. It also changes the color preferred by them, which tend to opt for yellow gold although there are models in different colors. This features a standout bitcoin sign as the main design, surrounded by iced out diamonds, so if you really like your bling to stand out, this is the ring to get. Everything begins with the diamond, this precious stone is a perfect symbol of the luxury, premium prices and excess. In the same way, the same could be said about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. How could it be otherwise, that a ring looks a solitary and precious diamond set also has its meaning. In particular, it expresses in a very badass way that a person can get rich off of trading. Many of the richest people right now have gotten wealthy because of bitcoin and other crypto's, and if you are the same and want to show off, this iced out diamond bitcoin ring is the way to go.

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Type: Unknown Type

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