Bottle Pendant


Bottle Pendant

Comes with bonus chain!

Modern men from across the globe are perceiving jewellery as a vital component of an ensemble. In fact, most of them feel that unless they add on a piece like a ring or a bracelet or a necklace that complements their outfit, their look is incomplete. With this current trend popularizing men’s jewellery with more of them trying out new pieces regularly, choosing the designs that are not only showstopping but something that is rarely spotted is essential. Bottle pendant based on alcoholic bottles is one such rare find which makes a huge difference to your ensemble when bought from the right place. 

This is because imitation jewellery inspired by the original design of bottle necklace tends to be lacking in quality and also finish which will have an impact on your look. Thus, buying the best kind of bottle necklace from trusted and well-known custom jewellery dealers is imperative. 

Buy from the best in the industry

Bottle pendants that are crafted to perfection create a masculine environment and ambience for the wearer and thus positively influencing their self-confidence by making them feel good that plays a major role in knocking off any kind of look. You find renowned celebrities, movie stars, etc. sport different looks that are well complimented by their unisex jewellery. As a distinct class in itself, this jewelry like the bottle chain, for instance, deviates from the cliché pieces providing the wearer a dynamically fashionable appeal. 

Men today are also keen on subtle dazzle reflected from their jewellery that has inspired famous jewellery makers to add diamonds and other stones that are not too sparkly but yet give the desired result of adding on to their panache. It is not just women with a penchant for jewellery seeking custom accessories but also men who are in fact more particular about the kind of necklaces and rings they wear which they feel are an important piece just like their clothing. Fashionable men closely following what is in and what is out know that the bottle chain highlights their macho appeal with a hint of pop culture that is here to stay. 

Jewellery with a backstory

Every piece of jewellery possessed by men tells a story and has a meaning. They find it worth wearing only when it has the power to be expressive rather than just a beautiful piece. The handsome bottle chain provides a secretive backstory and a mystery that inspires rugged and bold looks with a contemporary styling effect. 

Men want different jewellery as accessories for their ensemble that vary and differ for various occasions. While they are keen on changing these pieces with the ones that will enhance their outfit and style, the bottle pendant in a chain can complement clothing for all kinds of casual occasions like a party at the pub or night club or a casual movie or pizza date. One can wear it anywhere anytime as it is dominated by silver with gold enhancing its design making it suitable for wearing on either a gold or silver rope or franc chains or even the Cuban or other kinds of link chains.

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