Diamond Cross + Ankh Cross Set


Diamond Cross + Ankh Cross Set

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When it comes to considering jewellery as a styling accessory there is quite a distinctive stereotyping involves claiming it to be something that is adorned by women only. However, since time immemorial, men’s jewellery has been seen as a symbol of style, faith, religion, etc. Right from the Egyptians to the currently popularized necklaces sporting hip-hop style, jewellery set for men is here to stay. Carried in style by some of the most popular Hollywood heartthrobs to that attractive boy next door, accessorizing with jewellery is a style statement in itself that brings out the best in an ensemble. The iced cross set that has a religious cross and an Egyptian Ankh is the perfect culmination of religion and fashion where they complement one another. Uniquely crafted product, the diamond-studded pendants of a religious cross with ankh that is supported by a classical rope chain go well with all forms of casual and semi-casual clothes. Club it with a dress shirt and an open blazer to rock the gangsta look or simply layer it on your favourite tee match with a pair of denims, the possibilities are many. Although typical jewellery set with an ankh or a cross is quite a common type of necklace, pairing them together is a rare combination that makes for a bold fashion statement as one represents faith while the other is an ancient symbol considered to enhance one’s style quotient. This iced cross set is a piece of typical novelty jewellery that will add bling to your Christmas celebrations this year. Wear it yourself or gift it to a friend as a thoughtful gesture that will definitely be noticed and appreciated. The Hip-Hop look has stood the test of time, gift your loved once this ankh with cross jewellery set and introduce them to the whole new world of radical fashion that goes bold by just a notch. The iced cross set is the perfect way of experimenting your daring look for the first time as the cross with ankh makes it both the symbol of faith and a rare show of style. 

It makes a perfect gift for self or for a loved one. The makers of this fine looking jewellery have ensured the use of best possible materials to make it long lasting to be expressed as an ever-trending piece of jewellery that will accompany you or your loved ones to all kinds of casual occasions like a blind date or a party in the night club. The diamonds encrusted in the cross with ankh necklace is deliberated to look glitzy and classy irrespective of the time. Make heads spin towards you, be it day or night. These two symbols of devotion and together is a look one cannot ignore. Make the most of this unique jewellery set that is not easily available. However, you can find the ankh and the cross on separate chains, but, the complexly wound design layering one over the other does not require you to wear other chains or necklaces along with it is produced only once in a while by a trusted brand of unisex jewellery. Grab yours today to present it as the perfect gift or to enhance the élan of your casual wear. 

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